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Coaching and Consulting for individuals, stations and teams

This page is just a quick glimpse of the services I provide as a Coach and Consultant. If you have a need related to radio, broadcasting or podcasting that you don't see listed below, please contact me to ask about it.
For pricing, availability, and all other questions please email me!

Hosting Training

I train hosts and reporters to find their unique voice.

Commonly addressed topics include:

  • How to "talk to one person" over the radio

  • How to keep the listener engaged

  • Moving seamlessly from national to local content

  • Crafting a break structure that factors in your station's unique needs to keep listeners listening 


Station Break Optimization

Don't let your valuable station breaks go to waste! I will help you ensure:

  • Your station breaks serve your station's goals

  • Time is utilized to the fullest

  • You provide seamless transitions between content and breaks

  • Your breaks reinforce your relationship with your listeners, not interrupt it


Writing for the Ear

Broadcast professionals must write for the ear, not the eye. You'll walk away from this training:

  • Able to craft copy that will capture the listener's attention 

  • Knowing how to format copy to ease delivery

  • Understanding what separates average copy from superior copy - and how to take a piece from one to the other


Air Checking

I spend hours listening to your station. With an understanding of each host's style, I provide detailed feedback and plans of action that:

  • Are customized and specific to each host

  • Include recommendations for overcoming challenges

  • Include coaching to break unproductive habits

  • Give ideas for celebrating successes along the way 

Talent Coaching

I bring an experienced outside perspective to radio talent through coaching and training: 

  • One-on-one for individuals

  • Weeks-long to months-long packages for stations

  • Registration-based workshops: for anyone who wants to improve their voice by learning how to bring emotion, life, and meaning to the written copy

Unleashing the Impact of Your Voice

Working with both Christina and Paula Langton, Designated Kristin Linklater Voice Teacher, this unique workshop is designed to:

  • Identify obstacles to achieving your best voice

  • Teach breathing and movement exercises to overcome barriers

  • Show you how to bring copy to life

  • Leave you inspired to nurture and grow your authentic and healthy voice 

Email now to see how I can help you, your station, and your team succeed

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Christina has been a real game-changer for my hosting and news writing work at KUER. I love her focus on writing better leads, writing for a more personable delivery style, and for minimizing the potential for mistakes.  I’ve been hosting for 35+ years (OMG). Working with Christina in groups and individually has been as positive and unique an experience as I’ve ever had.  Please do yourself and your listeners a huge favor. Dive in and accept what Christina Shockley is offering. You will not regret it.

Bob Nelson


KUER 90.1, NPR Utah 

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