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Get to know Christina Shockley and Shockley Consulting


Audio is an intimate medium

Audio is personal.  As broadcasters and podcasters, we have the privilege of speaking to the listener in their homes, cars, schools, and offices.  The listener welcomes us into their space.  That is an honor.

At the same time, we constantly compete for the listener's attention. Listeners are driving, working, or caring for their families while listening to our programming. That means we need to inform, entertain, and provide an authentic connection and speaking directly to each person.  Hosts need to seamlessly move from national to local content and between elements within a station break to keep hold of the listener's ear.  Reporters must be true to their own voices.  This leads to increased listenership and station impact.

The magic of connecting with your listeners

The key is to identify unproductive habits, physical and mental barriers, and skills gaps that keep us from fully utilizing our skills and talents. 

This is where Shockley Radio Consulting comes in. I help individuals, stations, and teams identify their roadblocks and overcome them.  I explain how to get your story onto the page, write for radio, format copy, and deliver information in an engaging way.

It starts with a philosophy

Connecting to the listener requires strong writing, authenticity, and vulnerability. 

I address each of these issues head-on. I do this by truly taking the time to get to know each client and helping her or him discover the keys to unlocking their authentic voice. I never use a cookie-cutter approach. Each person and station is unique. I listen.  By understanding each client's strengths, challenges, and goals, I create a plan for success. 


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Christina Shockley

Coach, Consultant, Host

My passion is the human voice.


I'm constantly awed by the infinite ways we communicate emotions, thoughts, and ideas through the words we choose and in how we say what we want to say.

In the 22 years I've been in public radio I've held nearly all programming positions:  host, reporter, producer, engineer, coach, and trainer. 

My perspective has been influenced by those decades in the host chair as well as the work of David Candow and Kristin Linklater.  My unique approach will boost your team's passion for their work and elevate your station's sound.

I help hosts and reporters find their voice, speak to the listener, and engage the audience.  I help program directors and news directors guide their employees toward a shared vision that puts the listener first.

Email now to see how I can help you, your station, and your team succeed

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Christina helped me sound prepared, confident, and, most importantly, like myself on the air.  She knows first-hand the range of skills needed to execute a strong show. She is an advocate and mentor for hosts. Her training is dynamic, covering vocal exercises, writing, and editorial choices, as well as technical skills. I highly recommend Christina for any station looking to improve its on-air presence.

Leila Goldstein

Economics and Business Reporter and Host


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