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Welcome to Shockley Consulting

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I help Broadcast Journalists, Hosts and Podcasters unlock their authentic voices. 


I give Station Managers, News Directors and Managing Producers tools to optimize time with the audience.

How Can I Help You?

I am a veteran radio host with a talent for helping others discover their voices, overcome barriers and develop the skills needed to succeed. 

With over 20 years of experience sitting in the host's chair, I bring expertise and empathy to my work with radio announcers, reporters, and podcasters. 

My workshops are for teams, individuals, and stations.  Station Managers, News Directors, and Heads of Content will learn to thoughtfully and strategically use station breaks to increase listener engagement and loyalty.  You'll gain important insight into air checking and creating an environment in which your team will continue to learn and thrive.  

Email now to see how I can help you, your station, and your team succeed

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Christina is an experienced and valuable resource for those looking for a full-scope increase to their on-air impact. As a consultant, what separates Christina from others is her ability (as a talent-manger and host) to interact with the on-air staff and programmers as a peer - offering practical, direct, and strategic resources to you and your talent in real-time.

Chuck Doud

Director of Programming and Audience Strategy

89.5 WHRV - 90.3 WHRO

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